Butt Numb-A-Thon @ the Castro

Tonight is Part I of the Tribute to Peter Bogdanovich
Fri-Sun Mar 7-9, 2009
@ the Castro Theatre

429 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA

All textual descriptions below are taken from the Castro Theatre

7PM: Targets

Mr. Bogdanovich’s debut is a brilliant exploitation film that follows a Vietnam vet turned insurance salesman as he goes on a shooting spree atop a Los Angeles oil refinery. Produced by Roger Corman in 1967, the film’s release was delayed due to the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. & Robert F. Kennedy. What’s even more terrifying is how relevant the film is for today’s world. (1968, 90 min) With an introduction by director Peter Bogdanovich.

9PM: The Last Picture Show Director’s Cut

Written by Larry McMurtry

This seminal coming-of-age flick not only captures the nostalgic small town 1950s life better than any of its followers (AMERICAN GRAFFITI & GREASE), it evokes that initial excitement of why we all fell in love with movies in the first place. A farewell to the old Hollywood and welcome mat to the new, this is one of the greatest American films ever made. (1971, 126 min)
Director Peter Bogdanovich will introduce the film.
Following the screening he will be joined by special guest star Cybill Shepherd for a Q&A.

Midnight: At Long Last Love

Written & Directed by Peter Bogdanovich

This throwback to the 1930s musicals of Ernst Lubitsch was dismissed and despised upon its only theatrical release in 1975. Not only are the musical numbers hilariously executed, the refreshing choreography has inspired dozens of contemporary musicals (Woody Allen’s EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU). Add to that the actors attaining the rapid-fire interaction and casual kookiness of those early Screwball comedies and you have to wonder how critics could really overlook all this clever tongue-in-cheekiness? A true treasure that serves both, as a 1970s time capsule and as an inspiration for filmmakers to take their chances all the way. It may have been 32 years ahead of its time, but the time has come Mr. Bogdanovich. (1975, 118 min) NOT AVAILABLE ON VHS OR DVD! With an introduction by director Peter Bogdanovich.