Wong Kar-Wai's Fallen Angels

AKA Duo luo tian shi (1995)

I saw this for the first time on DVD last night—spectacular. In a sub plot, a mute filmaker learns to speak with his camera. The madcap antics, jerky movements, and silent flirtations are reminiscent of Chaplin or Keaton. There are a number of scenes (not the bloody gun fights) that I don't think I'd ever experience in any other film, or from any other filmmaker: the love turning a couple to water in black and white; the old school chum on the bus trying to sell insurance to a hired gun; the father being accosted silently by his manic son in bed and on the toilet; the speed cleaning of a killer's crash pad by a masked maiden; the two clothed femme masturbation scenes that are anything but anti-climactic; the first phone conversation with Blondie.

This was originally a chapter of Chungking Express, another fave.

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