Go Miranda

Miranda July has just been noted in a list of featured media artists that includes Laurie Anderson. That's got to feel good. Congratulations, Miranda. From the NYT newsletter, Urban Eye:

The Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen?
By Melena Ryzik
Thur, Aug 30, 07

As part the exhibit “Automatic Update,” which Benjamin Genocchio calls a “buoyant survey of media installations,” MoMA presents an evening of film, video and digital shorts by the likes of Miranda July, Laurie Anderson and Pipilotti Rist.


Fumiko Hayashi, Hayashi Fumiko

I've been reading everything I can find on Fumiko Hayashi, aka Hayashi Fumiko. In Japanese, you'd say the last name first. The only things I've been able to find in Translation are Floating Clouds, and the poetry from Diary of a Vagabond and I Saw a Pale Horse. I've also started Wandering Heart, and Bad Girls of Japan, to read more about women who were inspired by the Bluestockings and other groups of outspoken female writers in and before the Taisho period. There's not much in the local indie bookstores when it comes to literature by women from Japan. It's fascinating that the first recognized novel in the world was written by a Japanese woman, The Tale of Genji. In Japan, it's primarily available in old fashioned Japanese, which is tough to read, I hear. Luckily in English it's not written in Ye Olde English. I'm going back in time to read that one, after I finish the anthologies.

You can find out more about what my friends and I have been reading over at Good Reads.

I'm going to see Heaven and Hell, aka High and Low, aka Ransom, by Kurasawa tonight at the PFA. Saturday I hope to catch two by Abbas Kiarostami, Where is the Friend's Home, and Homework.

Apologies for not blogging recently.