In Rainbows, Close to OK Computer

It was awfully sweet of Radiohead to offer a download of their new album for whatever you'd like to pay. I'm blissfully enjoying my suite of Radioheadiness for only £ 1.45. I'm also happily blogging from a new computer, our very first Mac an iMac (an early Christmas gift from my immediate family and extended family). This moment's like a Jigsaw Falling into Place.

I've always been a dedicated P.C. user, taking advantage of the efficiency of the use of DOS commands to blaze through complicated tasks. But, I'm not missing DOS at all. My daughter and I are OK with our computer, and with the new Radiohead. Thank you to our extended family for pitching in and buying us a truly modern machine! We're no longer Luddites—piecing together leftover scraps to run a slogging system that had us mostly crashed and burned.

From Pitchfork: "…it's a very different kind of Radiohead record. Liberated from their self-imposed pressure to innovate, they sound-- for the first time in ages-- user-friendly; the glacial distance that characterized their previous records melted away by dollops of reverb, strings, and melody."

From SisterRye: "…it's verily a different kind of computer. Liberated from our self-imposed pressure to scrape and ennervate, we sound—for the first time in ages—user-friendly; the freezing vista that epitomized our previous record keeping smoked away by drips of sonic, threads, and ascension."


Michael said...

Congratulations on the new iMac and the transition from PC. I was a dedicated Mac user a while back, switched to Windows, and just last spring returned to the "faith". :) It's made a world of difference.

I just got the new Radiohead, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Will do so soon.

Good to see you back online.

SisterRye said...

Thanks Michael.

I like the new iMac keyboard, but still require an ergo one for wrist relief. I accidentally bought a really stiff ergo keyboard at my local indie Mac shop, and am trying to decide if I can live with it.

I was supposed to see part of the Italian Film Fest in SF tonight, but I'm home with a pile of cough drops instead.

Michael said...

Pity about the film fest. I was planning to attend the L.A. festival, but work got in the way (a bummer because some of the films I missed at TIFF screened at the L.A. fest).

Michelle said...

ha ha. This is funny. And I am now on a pc (at home), since last month and for the first time in 8 years. My old ibook was beset by all sorts of strange problems and a friend finally took pity and GAVE me a very new Dell. I do miss the Mac but, darn, it's hard to remain loyal when someone hands you something that works quite well.

So good for you, too, with the early, generous Christmas gift!