You Can Still Smell the Sebadoh!

Buy Eric Gaffney's Birkenstocks; Come to Eric Gaffney's Garage Sale tomorrow in San Francisco's Mission District.

kitschy/collectibles/music/drums + MORE!

LEFT OF Mission Girls School/

across from Gallinita Mkt.

WHEN: Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM


items collected from flea markets, garage + tag sales, collections, over last 30 years.
Kitschy + Collectible items,
MUSIC/Instruments/accessories (start yr own band!)
TV/VCR, Books + more Men's clothes.... Women's clothes ! ! !

DRUM SET!!! 1960's Made-in-Japan drum set "black/silver melted rounded squares/patches-look" 4 piece, 20" kick head on kick side only w.Gibraltar Pedal2 rack toms, smaller tom w. bottom head intact, floor tom w. bottom head. with Zildjian 'heavy' sticks

"Stella" acoustic guitar (1969) student model/w. elec gtr-style headstock! sunburst/black Nylon String guitar (student model, est 1993) butterfly inlay. needs new strings (1980's) Mic Stand. (Boom stand) VARIOUS guitar + drum accessories (cables, widgets, more) E-Bow w. original box/button/cassette, used only once!

CASIO VL-TONE (80'S) WORKS! (W. Batteries)
MUSIC/Recording Books:
Sound Advice, Musical Instruments of the World, Audio Pro Home Recording Course.

Boss Chromatic TU-12H Tuner (fair condition, needs to be re-wired, but works!)
Porta 05 Tascam 4-track w. original box (no manual) needs work! not sure why it doesn't work.
Ironweed DVD collection (9 titles, all sealed! $180.00 value new) (THESE ARE NEW + UNOPENED)

SEBADOH (Indie Rock favorites) rare merch (out of print 45's/Vinyl)

(NEW! never worn) Large Men's (white/black)T-shirt
"Zig Zag" papers
Muddy Waters (Chess) 3 CD Box set w. booklet LP-sized (out of print)
Electralane poster (live, 2001)
Wings '76 Poster (from wings over America LP)
various stickers!
Beatles #1 (promo) 'Love' Button, stamps "Pancaker" (1962) w. original box "Realorama" (50's) with original box (blue) a collector's item! Gaf Pana-vue (mid-late 60's) "It's Cooler Inside" Gin & Squirt Ad w. polar bear logo (plastic, 1967 picture frames Vinyl/45's, Tapes
various books: Dali, Frederick Douglas, Emerson nice hand-crafted journal (never used)
colorful pens, highlighters, + markers
Goldstar (Color) Television 11" screen. works!
(80's) Broksonic VCR Stereo Unit + speakers (CD Player, Radio Shack 'Realistic' receiver, 2 speakers)
1980 Dual (made in Europe) phonograph turntable (needs elec. work + new needle)
2 shelves
wooden chair
small round wooden table
70's plastic lamp white with green plastic shade
KITCHENWARE: pots and pans (revereware) garlic press, Christmas glasses, + Can opener Candle holders
Men's Size 10+1/2 Birkenstock Sandals (Milano style)
gold-colored roll up mat
afghan/blanket (red/shades of red)

[from: Eric Gaffney's Newsletter]


Michelle said...

Ah man, I'm currently housesitting at 22nd and Harrison. A two block walk and I missed it, gosh darn it.

I want that Wings poster!

SisterRye said...

I missed it to. What about Gaffney's women's clothing? I want Eric's skirt.

SisterRye said...

I meant to write too, not to.

Michelle said...

I drove by the general location on my commute to work this morning in case there were any "colorful pens" or markers left on the curb for pick-up, but sadly there was just some crummy old 1960s drumset on the corner.

Hopefully he did well on Saturday but if you hear of a re-run of this event, let me know! : )