Polk Awards in Journalism

Spike Lee has won the George Polk Award in journalism for his documentary, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, produced after interviewing about 100 residents of New Orleans after the flood. "
"Nevins describes Lee's approach as "down-to-earth reportage of how the disaster was treated on a local and federal level. Spike has access to people and information that would result in an encyclopedic look at the chronology of events, and the lack of action that followed."

The other winners and their works are listed on Long Island University's website, such as the award for
"local reporting which has been given to the staff of Lakefront Outlook, a free-circulation, Chicago weekly. Its lone editor, four reporters and intern tackled the complex investigation of the $19.5-million Harold Washington Cultural Center, which had been touted by Third Ward Alderman Dorothy Tillman as “the cornerstone of historic Bronzeville’s economic and cultural rebirth.” Instead, the team exposed the Center as a money-losing operation that was staffed by Tillman’s family, friends and political cronies."