Contemplative Cinema. It's a Wrap.

The Contemplative Cinema blogathon has ended at Unspoken Cinema with the posting of a Table of Contents with links to all the discussion topics. The blogathon was cross-pollinated in French over at cahiers du cinema.

Here's a very small sampling of topics from the TOC (Table of Contents)


Defining Contemplative Cinema (Bela Tarr) (weepingsam at The Listening Ear)
Minimum Profile (HarryTuttle at Unspoken Cinema)
Gilles Deleuze and Contemplative Cinema (Adrian Chan at Unspoken Cinema)


Music & Experience as narrative force... (Johanna at The Lone Revue)
Thoughts From an (Experimental?) Documentary Film (Johanna)
Time in Akerman's Je, tu, il ...elle (Johanna at The Lone Revue)


Is Ozu Slow? (Jonathan Rosenbaum at Senses of Cinema)
Rivette 1 (weepingsam at The Listening Ear)
Andy Warhol (Girish at Girish)


The Future of a Luminescent Cloud - Recent Developments in a Pan-Asian Style (James Udden at Panoptique)
La Nature au Cinéma (Guillaume Massart at FilmDeCulte) French
Gus Van Sant on Bela Tarr (HarryTuttle at Screenville)


johanna said...

Huh. How did I miss your blog?

Thanks for the links, and for the comments...Amaldovar can be frustrating to a writer because he's so good and capable that he often comes off as perfect...

Seems to leave little for discussion ;)


johanna said...

In fact, I take out petty vengeance every once in a while by misspelling his name and dropping the accent.