Beautility Aesthetizen

I'm reading Citizen Designer: Perspectives on Design Responsibility. My favorite essay so far is called "Beautility: Good Design Has Utility." Tucker Viermeister defines beautility as, "the convergence of ethics and aesthetics." Products produced with sustainability and aesthetics in mind will tend to be healthier, because thinking about things visually, aesthetically, and holistically requires one to slow down and wake up. And products produced with the health of individuals and the planet in mind will tend to resonate more beautifully, their beauty being intrinsic and solid.

Counter to the Bauhaus aesthetic, here are some useless linguistic mosh-ups I came up with after reading about beautility:

Aesthetizen -- A citizen designer who is commited to making every day life more beautiful

Anthropomorphine -- The drug-like effect of relating to an animal who has homo-sapien like attributes

Armpersand -- Embodying the ampersand by putting your arm around your partner while doing something jointly

Bankrupture -- The adoption of banal terms invented by bankruptcy lawyers during the death of a formerly astute company

Bravote -- The support of women voters

Buh-Bi -- Saying goodbye to antiquated notions of sexual orientation

Departmentsartre -- The suicidal depression brought on by windowless cubicles

Dynamites -- Small groups of culture jammers who get under the skin of exploitative globalists

Errordition -- When smart people constantly correct each other

Exclamato -- The clam shells left over after eating slow-food style clam chowder with real clams in it

Headphonies -- Self absorbed ipod users

Husbandaid -- A generic, passionless husband used by a woman to feel whole

Jackash -- An environmentalist who leaves his smokes on the sidewalk

Pauvetry -- The poetry of poverty

Primerdo -- The first shit of the day

Semicolonoscopy -- The act of becoming more aware of the various uses of the semicolon in modern writing

Sergegains -- The political gains made by the French left

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