Rumors vs. Facts

Here are some sources of rumors and facts about what's going on at PGW.

So far, Radio Free PGW includes some speculation, great humor, amazing quotes, and some facts. It seems to be the posting of a mystery publisher.

Return of the Reluctant posts links to numerous sources, some factual articles, and some sites speculating falsely.

Galleycat is starting to get its facts straight, after a blunder about publishers' stock.

PGW is all over PW. Expect updates and corrections.

The Avalon purchase is in the Wall Street Journal today. I don't have a subscription to read the full article, but it's most likely been thoroughly fact-checked.

Will PGW survive? Will the independent culture cultivated there remain intact? Will it loose its grip in California? Will it be sold to Perseus? Will publishers remain loyal? Will they get paid? Will layoffs happen in the course of the restructuring? If Avalon is keeping its Emeryville, CA office, does that mean that PGW will also keep its Berkeley location?

I don't know the answers to any of these questions, and I hesitate to trust anyone who claims to know what will really happen, even the brilliant Radio Free PGW blog, who assumes the PGW as they know it, will soon evaporate. Let's hope that's not the case.

Anyone who purchases PGW should take the time to learn the history and culture that have made PGW a success, trudging on in the face of corporate takeovers, threatened layoffs, major industry shifts, parking space dramas, key fob fashion, toppling to-be-read piles, missing bonuses, leaky hand-soap dispensers, milk shortages, funky coffee machines, scented oil perfumes drifting in from the soap company next door, abandoned fish tanks, and large doses of pessimism in the book industry.

Good luck PGW!

[art by Ben Vautier]

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