Listen to:

1. Busdriver "...loquacious, bookish rappers duetting with British dance-punk bands"
"Sun Shower" (mp3), via marathonpacks

2. The Bees "...collaging together the previously-collaged."
"Listening Man" (mp3), "...exquisitely nails the oft-overlooked American R&B influence in 1960s and 70s Jamaican pop music," via marathonpacks

3.Karen Dalton, "Katie Cruel", via Loose Strife

4. Air, "Buddy Bolden’s Blues", Air Lore, RCA : 1979, and Charlie Haden, "Out of Focus", The Golden Number, A&M : 1977, via Destination:OUT

5. A one hour Lovefingers mix, from Beats in Space, via Devil in the Details

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