More Presses Going Cold

Another publishing funeral is in order. Independent Press Association is going under. The death of the IPA has just put Kitchen Sink Magazine out of business.

"The IPA was founded in 1996 to support free speech and social justice. Under John Anner’s leadership, it grew rapidly from a scrappy little nonprofit into a multimillion-dollar social venture that provided business services to a membership of periodicals that included Mother Jones, Sierra, Utne Reader, The Nation, and, at one point, over 500 indie magazines, including Other Magazine, many of which were threatened by the consolidation of the distribution and retail ends of the magazine industry. At its height, the IPA handled the distribution of almost 100 members, made them loans, financed investigative features by journalists of color, ran a paper buying co-op, and
provided technical assistance and a sense of community for magazines that were until that point pretty fragmented..."

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