Troop Math

In his post, "No One to the Rescue," kos says:

"Everyone wants out. And the troop totals of the countries sticking around aren't exactly awe-inspiring:

UK: 7,200 (and about to be "significantly reduced")
South Korea: 2,300 (and pulling out 1,000 right now)
Australia: 850
Poland: 900
Romania: 865
Denmark: 515
El Salvador: 380
Georgia: 300
Azerbaijan: 150
Bulgaria: 150
Latvia: 136
Albania: 120
Slovakia: 103
Czech Republic: 100
Mongolia: 100
Lithuania: 50
Armenia: 46
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 37
Estonia: 34
Macedonia: 33
Kazachstan: 29
Moldova: 12

That totals 17,500, with just about 10,000 of it coming from the UK and South Korea, both drawing down their forces right now.

This is the crowd that Weisberg thinks will fantastically come up with the over 100,000 troops that will magically transform Iraq into a pro-Israeli pluralistic democracy? What, does he think the people of these nations will happily see their men and women in uniform sent into the Iraq meat grinder to try and save Bush's incompetent ass?"

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