Shins Get Their Sea Legs

Here's a list of the mix I put together for my friends for the holidays. I don't have the ability to share mp3s of these songs, but most of them are available, if you look. Some of my favorite new discoveries are Sibylle Baier, and Karen Dalton, both out on reissues, and Midlake.

I'm looking forward to some new releases in 2007: Lucinda Williams, Chris Garneau, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

The album I'm most looking forward to in 2007 is The Shins, Wincing The Night Away, available for preorder on SubPop.
Here's a quote from a review by Tom Mantzouranis,

"There are songs, like the first single "Phantom Limb" or the sublime "Turn On Me," that sound like vintage Shins. But those are rare. Hardly does a traditional instrument appear without a warm electronic wash or cadre of vocal harmonies. The songs are more rounded and fleshed out than their previous albums. Rolling Stone says, "they’ve grown up and out of their pretty psychedelic Sixties pop," which is true. What they only hinted at on "Mine's Not a High Horse" is now what they now hang their hat on.

Personally, I love the new direction, and Mercer's voice triggers my endorphins like no other. Something about it just clicks with me."

And from the review posted on The Sandwich Club, by stephbot,
"The darker, deeper sound of 'A Comet Appears' - my favourite track - finishes the album off with lyrics like "Lets carve my aging face off/ fetch us a knife, start with my eyes/ down so the lines form a grimacing smile". Mercer? Is that YOU?

And for those playing at home, I predict 'Sea Legs' as a forecast of where the band intends to go from here - there's strings, there's windpipes and there's that eerie depth you won't find as much of in the previous albums, with the intricate structure of the song well complemented by the typically convoluted lyrics."
Christmas Playlist 2006
Brought to you by Sister Rye
A Ray of Rye

Sibylle Baier, Tonight

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, House Fire

Unknown, Ostrich

Karen Dalton, Same Old Man

Midlake, Roscoe

Plus/minus, One Day You’ll Be There

Ms. Tyree Sugar Jones, If You Feel It

Eliza Carthy, Wildwood

Thom Yorke, The Clock

Headlights, Lullabies

My Latest Novel, Hope Edition

Decembrists, The Soldiering Life

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Love Song No.7

Barzin, Leaving Time

French Kicks, So Far We Are

My Latest Novel, The Reputation Of Ross Francis

Golden Smog, 5-22-02

Fields, Song for the Fields

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, Adventure Rocket Ship

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