The Rules for Editors and Art Writers

When editing an article or interview, please observe the following rules:

1) Quotes are to be quoted. Verbatim dialog, recorded in an interview, and transcribed by the journalist should not be altered. Questions not asked by the journalist, should not be inserted. Dialog not spoken by the interviewee should not be manufactured.

2) Don't censor the writer. Controversial subject matter is interesting. Leave it in, especially if the work is to be posted online. The value of publishing online is not having to answer to advertisers, and not having to pander to the mainstream.

3) Respect the writer. The writer should have the final say in the editing process. It is her work. Let her have her own voice.

4) When a writer has approved an edit, do not publish a different version, not approved by the writer.

5) Editors should catch grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and factual errors. They may clean-up the piece stylistically, and in terms of organization, but only if the cleaning does not remove the artistic value of the original. This should be done in fair negotiation with the writer.

6) When editing for online publication, word counts are not as critical. Paper is not being wasted.

7) When a writer fights for her work, this is not defensiveness. Any writer not passionate about her sweat and inspiration does not deserve to call herself an artist.

8) One does not need to choose to call oneself a writer or an artist. It is acceptable to be gifted in both visual art, and writing.

Feel free to add your own rules or comments.

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