Raed Says "80% Solution" Will Not Work in Iraq

Raed is blogging again. He says that politics, not sectarianism is at the root of the conflict in Iraq, based on the fact that diverse religious groups are coming together to form a pro-unity group against the U.S. occupation, and the so-called "80% solution", which excludes 20% of Iraqis.

"There are new, mixed Iraqi coalitions emerging, which makes the Iraqi political map more complicated..."

"The main issue that is splitting Iraqis is the presence of the occupation, and that's why more than 87% of the Iraqi people, and a majority of the country's politicians, believe that the first step in dealing with the Iraqi-Iraqi conflict is pulling out the U.S. and coalition troops and ending the occupation."

Raed was one of the first bloggers to blog from Iraq before and during the start of the war. See a running total of the cost of the war here.

[Raed in the Middle]

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