Question: What is Flarf? Answer: Chris Daniels.

This is old news in the world of the poets. But, for the rest of us, it is still a strange curiosity. What is Flarf?

Joshua Clover is bored by the question.

Lime tree provides clarity, "I guess everyone might as well know the truth (better you hear it from me here than from the kids on the playground). Flarf has indeed suffered a schismatic rupture, but it's even more serious than Kent suspects. In addition to the Dogmatic Grimacing Wing (DGW) and the More Smiling Affiliatory Compassionate Million Poems Tendency (MSACMPT or just MPT), there is now the DGW splinter group known as the Symbionese-Patheticist Front (SPF), and the stubbornly non-committal Citizens for an Undivided Flarf Faction (CUFF). Kent has a few of the players on the wrong teams, so I hope the following breakdown will clear things up:"

I still have no idea what the hell is happening here, but I like all the acronyms.

I'm pretty sure this is not Flarf.


Mainstream said...


You might have a look at the two articles in the "More on Flarf" section of Jacket Magazine issue 31:


And at the new video clips of a Flarf Collective reading at Dickinson College this past December:


YouTube has video clips from last April's 3-day "Flarf Fest" at the Medicine Show Theater on 52nd St. in NYC.


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