Play Lookey With Lars

In the Latest Lars Von Triers film, The Boss of It All,
"(there are over 1500 shots). The film boasts more jump cuts than Breathless or Matchstick Men, and each one creates a bump."
It will also feature a game, to be played by the audience.

"Turns out that The Boss of It All employs Lookey, a game that challenges the viewers to spot objects that don’t belong in a scene. “For the casual observer it’s just a glitch or mistake,” he says, “but for the initiated it’s a riddle to be solved.” The purpose is to keep viewers alert and active. Film’s great flaw, he claims, is that “it’s a one-way medium with a passive audience.” Lookey, however whimsical, fits well with the agitating effects of the cut and sound dropouts. The first viewer in Denmark to identify all the Lookeys correctly wins a cash prize and a chance to be an extra in von Trier’s next film."

The Boss of It All premiered in September at the Copenhagen International Film Festival. It also features references to the historical conflict between Iceland and Denmark, which I recently enjoyed reading about in Halldor Laxness' Iceland's Bell (fiction).

[David Bordwell's Film Blog]

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