My Favorite Male Feminist

My favorite male feminist is Ed. First, he kept a close watch on the ratio of male to female writers writing for the NYTBR with the Sam Tanenhaus Brownie Watch. Now he writes, in this post about gender and humor, referring to numerous articles trying to explain why men should be funnier than women,

"Let’s consider Goodyear’s modifier: “approachable.” This suggests then that if a woman is funny, by the logic employed by The New Yorker, discounting the requirements of audience appeal, she must somehow stifle her comic impulses rather than greet the audience in her naturally tailored persona. And even when she’s a comic as successful as Silverman, there’s still the troubling problem of coming across as “deranged,” as if comedy, a science often rooted in madness, is a loony byway as closed off to women as the Herbertstra├če.

Perhaps this is because humor is associated with intelligence and some men, terrified by the notion of a level playing field among genders, view the advent of funny females as a threat."
Read the rest of Ed's rant on his blog, especially the last paragraph.
"Erma Bombeck once observed, “When humor goes, there goes civilization.” If women cannot be accepted for their humorous contributions (too great and numerous to list), then what hope civilization?"
Acronym decoder: NYTBR = New York Times Book Review
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