Fans of Jacques Rivette Unite

Thank you Charles for introducing me to a fellow Rivette fan. His latest post Winter of our Film Content lists every film series you might want to see in the San Francisco Bay Area over the next few weeks, breaking down the PFA Calendar, as well as schedules at the Roxie, Red Vic, Castro, Rafael Film Center, and Cerrito Speakeasy Theaters.

[Hell on Frisco Bay]


girish said...

Ah, I hope to catch some of the Rivette traveling retrospective which is winding its way to Toronto next month. I know only his recent films. And I've been waiting to see Celine and Julie for years.

SisterRye said...

My daughter enjoyed the "Through the Looking Glass" segments, and the bizarre hijinks of Celine and Julie.

Paris Belongs to Us was my least favorite of his films, though it had its moments.

I hope you see as many as possible when they arrive in Toronto.

Brian said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Of the few (only four including the short Check Mate) I saw Paris Belongs to Us was my least favorite, but I'm still very glad I saw it. I think I still prefer Chabrol's Le Beau Serge out of all the New Waver filmmakers' first features, but admittedly there are few I've seen more than once (including Breathless).