Eggers flip on Infinite Jest

What is the Jest?

This is beyond ridiculous. But hey, the money goes to a good cause, kids in the 826 Valencia writing program. The controversy has turned into a fundraiser. I have faith it will be a fait accompli.

Here's the background story on Eggers change of heart with regards to David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, Rake's challenge, and the offer of Thomas Pynchon's check.

Boldtype's McKay McFadden has written a review of Egger's latest (pictured above), which looks to be his best.
"In a Dinka creation myth, God gives man the choice between cattle, which provide a sustainable existence, and the What. The What is the unknown — and all the accompanying trepidation, expectation, and ecstatic possibilities. This autobiographical novel is Deng's story of the What. It is what lies ahead of each step of the 'Lost Boys,' as they dream of bowls of oranges on clean tables. It is the deceit that encroaches on their refugee camp in Ethiopia and their sense of purposelessness as they wait to return home. It is the answering of life with more questions and doubt — endlessly promising and ceaselessly terrorizing. In short, it's the life of a refugee."
As an aside, I offer you a brief guide to lit blog acronyms below:

DFW = David Foster Wallace
WTV = William T. Vollmann
NBA = National Book Award
WRT = With Regards To
ATD = Against the Day
TQC = The Quarterly Conversation
TEV = The Elegant Variation

Please add more lit blog acronyms in the comments as they come to you...


Jeff said...

SoT = Syntax of Things


SisterRye said...

Nice start. Keep it coming...