Child Rearing Advice From the Niece of Hannah Wilke

Your little Übermensch needs more than a ramshackle ant farm to get by in the future world of art. Hyper Creative Action must start right away.

Robert Chambers:

"As a former NYU art teacher and father of three children under the age of 2, I have some advice. You, your wife and child are already off to a great start on your journey to creative nirvana. To begin, I would suggest thinking about light arriving to Earth from galaxies billions of years away. Use this as a form of meditation while you prepare to hyper-create your child's universe. It is a process to break the bonds enshrouding your imagination"
But, meditation is not enough. The only way to ensure your child will become a bitter genius is to construct the post-structuralist treadmill that will accelerate her necessary angst.

"1. Purchase giant sheets of colored paper and tape them to the ceiling and walls for a few days. Next, begin to remove various squares and cut with scissors in big egg-like shapes. Over a week, replace all squares with egg shapes. Change order and location frequently. This will stimulate the Precambrian in the child specifically and theoretically the Proterozoic eon of Earth's earliest animal history. Read Emotion and Meaning in Music by Leonard B. Meyer."
[Miami Herald via Emmy]

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