Jane Dark reviews The Science of Sleep.

Peter Kuper makes documentary comic strips, recording what's going on in Oaxaca.

Lieberman campaigners are sending out direct mail attacking kos, and acting like thugs.

The latest installment of the Bat Segundo show is out, wherein Ed interviews George Ilsley and Matt Cheney, BSS #75.

Actress who starred in Hal Hartley films, and more recently in Factotum has been found dead in her office, RIP Adrienne Shelly. She has a three year old daughter.

A revolutionary Manet Exhibit at MoMA, "Manet and the Execution of Maximilian" opens Sunday.

The Online Education Database points to better research tools than Google or Wikipedia, deep web search engines that dig through the invisible web, art databases, librarian's resources, ebraries, etc...


ed said...

Actually, it was Carolyn Kellogg who interviewed them both. The LBC podcasts are a co-production of Pinky's Paperhaus and The Bat Segundo Show. :)

SisterRye said...

Thanks Ed!