If We Were Moons, If We Were Ghosts, Tract Records Update

These Tract Records items are available to order as of October 31st, 2006:

+++Sarah Asher - "It's Only Love 3" CDEP, TR047, Columbus, Ohio mainstay in the vein of Josephine Foster or Jolie Holland

+++Derek Joe Brockett - "LOAF 3" CDEP, TR043A, Gothic Captain Beefheart Spaghetti Western, where William Burroughs teaches Pussy Galore how to shoot a 12 Gauge. For Piggy

+++Everything Is Fine - Flares CD, TR046, Reissue of a 2004 cassette-only release plus the four tracks from the now out of print 'A Formal Apology' compilation

+++THEATH - Do You Know How Much I Hate Heartbeats? CD, the fifth annual Halloween release...22 minutes of subterranean rumblings; atypical material for open-minded fans of 1950s sci-fi soundtracks. Super Limited to 22 copies. TR048

+++IF WE WERE MOONS: 4-way Split CD Viking Moses, Tiny Vipers, Boo Hiss, Carbonic Exclusive material in silk screened jackets. limited to 200 copies

+++If We Were Ghosts: 4-way Split CD, TR015, this replaces the long promised The Strugglers / The Virigina Reel split (hence the low catalog number). The Strugglers, Pink Nasty, The Black Swans, The Virginia Reel. Limited to 200 copies in silk screened jackets. Vintage Strugglers / Virginia Reel complimented by the epic "Autumn, Autumn" by Columbus, Ohio's The Black Swans and the infamous Pink Nasty delivers a set of exclusive tracks as well

[Thomas Heath, Tract Records Newsletter]

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