Hope and Horror on a Fishless Planet

I watched the election results roll in at Fireside in SF with some restaurant reviewers. So far, Democrats are up 6 seats in the Senate, with one Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders. They're also up 29 in the House, and have gained 6 governors.

Here's an argument by kos, pointing out that many of the elected Dems are not overly conservative. Hopefully they will stand their ground on the most important issues, which are, in my opinion, ending the war, healing the environment, ending torture, supporting gay marriage, taking back civil rights, healthcare, the economy, and a woman's right to choose.

We had discussions about the desire for the agenda of the Green Party to really become viable, and why many environmentalists who care about social issues are voting for democrats, and hoping that left-leaning democrats will put the environment first. Of course many people who vote for democrats are actually greens, socialists, libertarians, or anarchists, who are accused of selling out by supporting the democratic party. But, it seems smart to me to try to end the war, torture, and global warming first, in the fastest, most pragmatic way possible, before deciding how to fight on every other important issue, like poverty, exploitation, racism, corruption, etc...

We talked about how people are mourning the future of fine dining, ie restaurants no longer offering up plates of seafood, without acknowledging that if there are no fish, there will be no birds who eat fish, no people who make their livings by fishing, or find primary sustenance from fish, and so on. Basically, if the ocean goes, so does the entire planet. Why isn't anyone discussing this more seriously? Most of the articles I've read talk about the issue like it's just going to require minor dietary alterations, not a major response to a global disaster.

In the meantime, the horror continues. Bush has nominated a former associate of the Iran/contra players to be the new Secretary of Defense.

[stats from Daily kos]

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SisterRye said...

Some people still haven't heard about the global fish crisis. Here's a link.