Glass+Ginsberg = Pynchon = Blogs Against Dead Trees

Chekhov's Mistress' Bud Parr recommends listening to Allen Ginsberg's "Plutonian Ode" while reading "Against the Day".

"I recommend as a Soundtrack to Pynchon’s “Against the Day,” Philip Glass’s Symphony No. 6 “Plutonian Ode” with Allen Ginsberg. You’re thinking this is absurd - I know - to say a modern symphony connoting nuclear disaster can capture, musically, themes from a book that begins and ends before plutonium was discovered, but I say to you it’s striking how well the music fits with the book."

He also rebuts Rachel Cooke's critique of the lit blogosphere nicely by saying,

"...blogs stand handsomely beside dead-tree media because dead-tree media has its limits in coverage and style. Those limits are thankfully turned on their head by the internet’s ability to connect thousands of people who are avid enough about books to spend their time writing about them."

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Anonymous said...

Glass and Ginsberg? No thanks, these two are little thin for such a big, atmospheric book. My choice would be Tago Mago by Can.