Antidisestablishment Sectarianism

Dada in Beirut

The Washington Post reports on a farcical ad campaign mocking sectarianism, posters, newspaper ads, and billboards pasted up all over the city designating (for one) ethnicity requirements for parking spaces. Through text messaging and word-of-mouth, the free ads have been disseminated.

In Lebanon "...the president is Maronite, the prime minister Sunni, the parliament speaker Shiite. Other posts are reserved for Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic and Druze. Boy scouts are organized by community, not country -- the Mahdi Scouts for the Shiites, for instance. Television stations have their own sectarian bent -- the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. for Christians, Future for the Sunnis. Christians are partial to the Sagesse basketball team, Sunnis the Riyadi team. There are even two Armenian soccer teams -- Homenmen and Homenetmen -- one faithful to Armenian leftists, the other to the community's right wing. Before this summer's war, Sunni soccer fans loyal to Ansar brawled in a stadium with Shiite youths loyal to Nijmeh."

"If we keep thinking like this, the future is going to look like this," said ad agency's Kamil Kuran.

[via Grammar Police, Absurdistan]

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