Xikrin Tribal Stands up to Big Business

About 200 members of Brazilian tribes seeking compensation from the mining company CVRD temporarily halted the production of iron ore north of Sao Paulo today. The Xikrin were some of the first people to use biological pest control.

Xikrin are also known as Mebegnokre, KayapĆ³, and Put Karot, although the tribes people have experienced multiple divisions and conflicts since early contact, and may call themselves by differing names, including phrases which mean "real people."

Various related tribes have fallen prey to violent genocide and slavery to rubber plantation owners, although the Xikrin seem to be thriving now, and are currently experiencing a population boom. They live among the Amazonian Rainforest's southern tributaries, near the breeding grounds of the rare harpy eagle, a bird who trains Xikrin Tribal shamans during times of transition.

A sustainable business agency called the Amazon Coop used to help the tribes of Para with protecting the rain forest, encouraging biodiversity, cultivating unique medicinal herbs, negotiating with businesses, and supplying earth friendly ingredients to companies such as the Body Shop.

The Amazon Coop no longer has a website, which must be due to losses of funding since it was founded in 1998.

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