Winona LaDuke Vs. Terry Bear Tusk and Coal Interests

"LAME DEER, Mont. - Voters on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation will decide on Nov. 7 whether to allow coal bed methane extraction and coal extraction within the reservation exterior boundaries.

...Winona LaDuke, Ojibwe director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project on the White Earth Reservation, held a press conference and met with people on the reservation.

''I feel like a community should not have to trade an ecosystem for an economy,'' she said.

Cultural preservation is paramount to any consideration of coal development, according to Phillip Whiteman Jr.

''I'm upset because our ancestors fought and fought and died so we could be able to have a homeland,'' he said.

[full story: Indian Country Today]

[Photo by Philip Whiteman Jr. -- Caption:"Members of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe held an Arrow Worship ceremony in 1989 to prevent ARCO from digging exploratory wells for coal bed methane extraction and coal mining operations on the Montana reservation."]

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