Finding a Home for Old Shorts

Wholpin #2 is the latest issue of Wholphin, a DVD magazine, featuring rare shorts, previously unseen films, student work by well known directors, unusual foreign television shows, hidden and unreleased gems that were considered missing, foreign documentaries, animations and cinematic hybrids.

"When Brent Hoff, curator of Wholphin, was checking into a hotel for a film festival, the concierge thrust a business card into his hand, "Remember me next time you're casting a film."

Apart from the facts that the aspiring actor had no idea who Hoff was or whether this gesture had the chance to have any meaningful repercussions, the situation gave Hoff pause. He describes, "At first I was amused. I mean, in what world does this work? You want to get cast in a film, so you spend the day handing out cards to all the people who check in? It's hilarious." So, after pondering it for a while, Hoff decided to give the man what he wants. "I want to live in a world where this kind of hopeless gesture pays off every once in a while."

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