Dispatch from Chris the Camera Man

I just had an incredible theater-going experience - "Lulu" performed by the Silent Theatre company at the Victoria Theater in SF. A friend recommended it and I loved it so much I saw it the next night, too! I met a fellow I'd noticed there the night before... who it turns out has seen the show eleven times!!

Anywho, it's playing next Thursday through Sunday at the Victoria (on Mission), and I think you'd reallllly like it! It's German expressionist cinema done live on stage by a troupe that gets what they're doing. I've been gushing about this show since 9:15PM, when it let out. If you've ever seen Pandora's Box with Louise Brooks as Lulu, you'll adore this.

Thurs - Sat at 8pm, Sun at 7pm
More Performances Added! Extended thru October 29, 2006

Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco, CA



Michelle said...

I'm housesitting in S.F. (and in The Mission at that!) for 5 nights this week. Convenient...I'll try to make a performance.

SisterRye said...

Let me know if it turns into a theater sit. I wouldn't mind. Anyone need a theater sitter?