Art-house Lovers Mourn Loss of Lim and the Film Poll

Ed rants against yet another layoff at the Village Voice, film editor Dennis Lim.

Anthony Kaufman is also pissed. "As Lim leaves the Voice's pages, so, too, do the auteurs he's championed over the years, from Guy Maddin to Spike Jonze, Jia Zhang-Ke to David Lynch, Tsai Ming-liang to Hou Hsiao-hsien. Art-house lovers, we're at the end of an era. Independent distributors IFC Films, Zeitgeist, ThinkFilm, Roadside, Palm, Kock Lorber, Kino, and First Run, if you think you had a friend at alternative weeklies across this country, you can think again. Film critics can also say goodbye to the Voice's annual film poll -- a yearly rite of passage for many critics, both aspiring and established -- which I can't imagine will be renewed under the new management.

...for those who want a truly alternative newsweekly, throw in the towel, accept the end, the Voice is dead."

[Anthony Kaufman's Blog via Ed]

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