Wai Chan Wai

Chan Marshall, AKA Cat Power, might be in the next Wang Kar Wai film. I can see her now, moving in slow motion, wearing a different high-necked dress in every scene, working anticipation with the strategic seemingly passive ponderous longings of a Wai temptress.

"Like Will Oldham, ...Ms. Marshall is considering a foray into acting. She said that the cult director Wong Kar-wai invited her to play Jude Law’s ex-lover in the movie he is now shooting. Mr. Wong, she said, told her he was in the habit of playing “The Greatest” for his actors before each scene."
"Her next album, “Sun,” is already written, and she talks of a second covers album; top of the list are James Brown and Billie Holiday songs."

Chan is not missing.

[quotes from: New York Times, Winter Miller; photo: chickfactor]

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