Unusual Dopyera Instruments For Sale

The Dobro -- a hollow-bodied resonator guitar -- haunts the blues, country music, indie rock, the melodies of Hawaii, and the living rooms of Dobro wives across America with its open tunings, "fills", and slippery approaches to pitch. The entire collection of the Dopyera Brothers, the inventors of the Dobro is up for sale.

"John’s unusual (and spectacular sounding!) resophonic violin, Rudy’s balalaika-inspired Lullabyka, the Art Deco-influenced steel body uke and tenor guitar, even the actual workbench on which John perfected the fabled tri-cone resonator system – are uniquely American (and uniquely Dopyera) innovations."
"There’s no doubt that many of the great blues and slide guitar players owe their careers to these radical innovations of the Dopyeras; and there’s no question that both country and bluegrass music developed a whole new voice after the introduction of the Dobro."
"Sold as a collection. Serious inquiries email dopyera@elderly.com"

"Dobro means good in any language"

[from Elderly Instruments via Orange Crate Art]

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