Unbearable Lightness

Sven Nykvist, the cinematographer who shot the Unbearable Lightness of Being, and Ingmar Bergman's Persona has died. RIP Sven Nykvist.

Sven "worked with many notable directors--Roman Polanski, Alan J. Pakula, Bob Rafelson, Paul Mazursky, Woody Allen and Louis Malle, to name a few. But he first gained prominence shooting for Ingmar Bergman, and for many he remains Bergman's cameraman."

"...an astonishingly subtle painter of atmospheres. Ingmar Bergman called the movie camera "an incredible instrument for recording the human soul as captured in the human face." No one has used the camera to that purpose more sensitively than Sven Nykvist."

[Chris Fujiwara, Boston Phoenix]
[via Ed]

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