Shotgun Players Dream Lorin

The Shotgun Players have a strong commitment to community theater, from including non-actors in their plays to staging shows for free, or based on a sliding scale, with "pay what you can" nights.

Here's a preview of the Shotgun Players next play, "Love is a Dream House in Lorin," from Patrick Dooley, artistic director of the company --“Based on the powerful model created by Cornerstone Theater in Los Angeles, we've built a new piece of community theatre that puts our neighborhood - our community, and its residents - onstage to tell their stories alongside professional actors." (…)

"Playwright Marcus Gardley was commissioned by Shotgun Players in 2005 to create a play about the neighborhood once called Lorin that surrounds our theater The Ashby Stage."

"In Love is a Dream Hose in Lorin
we’ll meet fictionalized generations of South Berkeley inhabitants who each have a different chapter of the story to tell. (…) Beginning with the Ohlone Indians, and moving up through the proposed Ashby BART Transit village, Love is a Dream House in Lorin is giant in scope— by far the most ambitious project this company has ever undertaken."

"Shotgun Players learned of the complex history of the Lorin District in 1999 when we arranged to perform plays at the South Berkeley Community Church. In 2004, when we acquired our own theater in the same neighborhood, there was a strong desire to learn more and to create a production that truly is community theatre: both by telling a story about the community – and by involving its members in both the development and the production itself." (…)

"Shotgun Players production of Love is a Dream House in Lorin will be directed by Aaron Davidman (Artistic Director of Traveling Jewish Theatre). The show features an awe-inspiring cast of 30 people ranging in age from 9 to 69, with members of the local theater community and the neighborhood community. The set will be designed by Lisa Clark, with costumes by Vincent Avery, light design by Richard Olmstead and sound design by Shotgun Company Member Daniel Bruno. Choreography will be created by Shotgun Company member Andrea Weber, and Dena Martinez will Assistant Direct."

[quotes from Patrick Dooley, Shotgun Players]

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