The Little Mark on My Cheek

Kazue Daikoku & Alexis Jones have written a Star Bellied Sneeches type of story for children in English, Japanese, and Japanglish (my favorite), with an accompanying photo essay, by Ari Marcopoulos called The Little Mark on My Cheek.

The music for the web version of the Happano Press book is by Shugo Tokumaru and OKI.

Kazue feels that the story is less cynical than the Star Bellied Sneeches, and I agree. They both deal with simple lessons in battling prejudice based on outward appearances for children and adults, but The Little Mark on My Cheek has an easier time reaching the happy ending, and is more about self acceptance and individual pride than the Sneeches, which is more about a critique of forced conformity, and capitalism.

The print version of the book will be available in mid September. Packages from Happano Press sometimes come with easy to assemble Japanese plastic slipcover boxes, to keep the books dust free on the shelf, and are beautifully designed. They use high quality paper, accordion folded bindings, and superb inks in their printing processes.

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