It Takes A Village Voice

The heart of the Village Voice is no longer beating.

"The Village Voice’s new management fired books editor Ed Park by telephone on Wednesday. Longtime rock critic Robert Christgau ["a senior editor and longtime pop music critic who had been at the paper on and off since 1969."] also got the axe, along with six more senior editors," from Maud Newton's take.

Jane Dark's Sugarhigh
provides a list, "...On the editorial side: Darren Reidy, Ed Park, Jorge Morales, Elizabeth Zimmer, and - gasp -- Bob Christgau. On the art side: Minh Uong, LD Beghtol, Tina Zimmer.

Good people all, no doubt."

More from Maud Newton, "It’s about time, don’t you think? Now the New Times, which owns the Voice, can redirect coverage toward truly relevant cultural matters — like how great boob jobs are!"

From the NYT article by Motoko Rich, "In an interview, Tom Robbins, a longtime reporter and union steward at The Voice, said: “We’ve been looking forward to this new editor coming on and then all of a sudden we get hit with these very deep cuts and firings, including people like Bob Christgau, who helped put The Voice on the map. It cuts the heart right out of the paper.”

"Not including yesterday’s layoffs, nearly 20 people have either been dismissed or left voluntarily since the merger."

[quotes from Jane Dark, Maud Newton, and Motoko Rich]
[art by Bill Traylor]


closeuup said...

What did I say when it happened? The New Times is Satan. Jerry and Musto should just jump ship now.

SisterRye said...

I know. But then Musto wouldn't be able to get his "Press Whore of the Year" award.