Indy Japanese Co. Saves Cody's Books

Cody's is Turning Japanese but Keeping its Cali Team

They're filming the press conference down on 4th street with Ross of Cody's and Kagawa of Yohan Inc. now. The employees seem happy (because they still have jobs) and so do the book buyers (who were worried Cody's was going under). The workers are waiting to see how it pans out in the long run.

Kagawa loves Cody's, and likes independent bookstores in general. He is doing our community a great service, in my opinion, by saving one of our favorite haunts and allowing it to maintain it's indy flavor.

"Yohan owns and operates 18 stores in Japan. "They all have personality and character and are as independent as one can get," said Mytinger. "It's a terrific pairing. I'm actually quite pleased."
[Bridget Kinsella, writing for Publisher's Weekly]

Edward Champion
voices his opinion. He's not happy about the purchase of Cody's, or with the behavior of Andy Ross, who has been heavily criticized in Berkeley for allowing the Telegraph store to close. Personally, I think Ed should give Yohan a chance. Kagawa might be a good influence on Ross.

{photo by Dayna}

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