Feral Books

Bookmooch, BookCrossing, Frugal Reader, Paperback Swap, are all new ways to share used books with other people, and make the world into a free lending library. How many books just sit and gather spores in the dark? Joi Ito blogged it. Here's a note from BookCrossing to publishers,

"Publishers and authors: listen up! We know you may be concerned about all this book-sharing talk, and what it might do to your book store sales. You may be surprised to know that many, many publishers and authors are big BookCrossing fans. They've seen the paradoxical value in encouraging the sharing of books. In fact, if one were to compare the number of people who buy books based on seeing book reviews here as the books change hands, to the number of people who actually find free books, we can assure you there are far more buyers than finders. This site is not about saving people money. Many of our members, in fact, purchase two copies of every book they like, so they can keep one and release the other into the wild!"

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