Fellow Graduate Paints His Goil

These paintings evolved from his earlier studies of Popeye and Olive Oyl. Note the long neck, and the flower in her hair.

Brian Calvin
at Anton Kern Gallery
September 7 - October 14
532 West 20th Street NY 10011

Brian Calvin was always a resourceful painter. When other students spent their beer money on new paint, he scrounged the studios for discarded tubes and dregs of wash left in cans. The attitude of using only what is required and using it sparingly can be seen in his work, which displays a remarkable consistency over the last 10 years. Calvinist restraint wins over Matthew Barney's trite shackles.


harold hollingsworth said...

Agreed. Nice of you to share information like this about an artist.

SisterRye said...

There's another post about Brian Calvin from last night's opening at Anton Kern on Painters Painters NYC Blog