Bourgeois Works On Paper

Louise Bourgeois, Works On Paper From The 1940's And 50's

September 5 - November 4, 2006

99 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012

"The drawings, most of which have rarely been publicly shown, are inhabited by abstracted portraits and images inspired by the landscape of Bourgeois' childhood home in the Creuse region of central France. The repetitive, rhythmic patterns of black ink lines suggest undulating hills, hanging plants, knotted hair, and arid soil. These forms pulsate and move in uneasy waves. Like most of Bourgeois' art, the drawings presented here are rife with allusions and deeply autobiographical references."
[Peter Blum Gallery, Soho]

"I am a woman without secrets. Simply because my life every day is a
liquidation of the past. I feel that if I had liquidated the past completely, I
would be able to experience the reality of today. Nothing private is a
risk. The private should be understood, resolved, packaged, and
disposed of, not recycled- it is a disposal, a deposition." -- Louise Bourgeois
[Douglas Kelly Show List, NYC]


harold hollingsworth said...

We have one of these from her in the Microsoft Collection. I'm the preparator for the art collection at Microsoft. I was looking at it earlier in our storage area. She's so good in so many different ways!

SisterRye said...

You're so lucky! I'd love to see more of her work, especially her drawings up close.