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Bush's reading list included Camus' "The Stranger"

"What did it mean that the President had taken the slim novel along to Crawford? Focusing largely on the premise of the narrative — Mersault, a disaffected Westerner, remorselessly guns down an Arab man, faces trial, and dies without regret
An NPR broadcast suggested that reading the book could only be character-building for the President, while the Daily Show offered its own take on the choice."

[Boldtype Issue 35]

On another note, Slate uses Camus' "The Fall" (written during the Algerian War) to discuss US torture policies.

"Camus wrote The Fall during the Algerian War, when France was beginning to face a crisis of conscience over torture similar to what the United States faces now. Indeed, clear parallels exist between the French experience in Algeria and the American experience in Iraq: Like the war on terror, much of the French effort to pacify and retain Algeria was waged against a nearly invisible enemy that tended to melt into the landscape. Intelligence-gathering was crucial—and that led to torture."

[Peter Brooks writing for Slate]

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