Fundraiser Loot Looted

All of the cash went missing from the Bleeker Street kitty after the hosts of the n+1 fundraiser fell asleep at their own party.

"...the party was so nice that we were lulled into a false sense of security. Everybody was wearing jackets; there was classical music. We didn't think anyone was going to steal our money."

n+1 is a new literary magazine started by Benjamin Kunkel. They lost $3,000.

"The $3,000 was intended to fund a pamphlet on the avant-garde, which the editors hope to publish in the fall. It was also meant to offset the cost of producing the tote bags, which was much more expensive than expected."

"...our office manager got into a fight with his girlfriend and had to leave the party, and he's usually the guy who watches the cash box"

[quotes from the New York Sun article, By Kate Taylor - Staff Reporter of the Sun]

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