Digital Inferno

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

"Public domain books, long out of copyright and seen only by the fortunate few in the great research libraries of the world, are about to come out of the closet in their millions and into the homes of internet users all over the world."
"The Book Search Service forms part of Google's ambitious Library Project, which has seen it form partnerships with major institutions around the world including the University of California, Harvard, the New York Public Library, Oxford University and the Library of Congress.
The Association of American Publishers last year filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging the company's plans to scan and digitally distribute the text of library collections would violate copyright protections.
The search engine argues the small extracts of text constitute "fair use" and it said yesterday: "If publishers or authors don't want to have their books digitised, they just have to say so and we exclude them."

[quotes from Katie Allen, Guardian UK]
[illustration by Dante]

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